“What can YOU do?” 2009 Video Contest

The first “What can YOU do?” Video Contest was held in July 2009. This national video competition, which attracted more than 130 videos promoting the talent and skills of people with disabilities, was held in celebration of the launch of the Campaign for Disability Employment. Best Buy partnered with the CDE by awarding a Best Buy gift card, which was awarded to the overall contest winner during an in-store award event. Two videos were awarded Honorable Mention.

Blake Watson, of Byram, MS, was recognized as the overall winner for his innovative video, “Meet Sue.” “Meet Sue” reflects the spirit of the “What can YOU do?” initiative and showcases Blake’s talents and abilities. Blake’s inspiration for the video came from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s expression that people should be judged only by “the content of their character.” Using only text and music, Blake introduces the viewer to “Sue” by sharing the many characteristics that make her who she is before revealing that she has a disability.

We encourage everyone to forward the following videos to as many people as possible and to share the important message that at work, it’s what people CAN do that matters.

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“Meet Sue”

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