The Campaign for Disability Employment
Photo of young worker with intellectual disability


What WILL you do?

Work is an important part of people’s lives. It means more than just getting paid. It means being able to make your own choices about how you want to live your life.

At work, it’s what people can do that matters. If you are a young person with a disability, only you can decide your limits. You can work in a wide variety of jobs and play an important role in America’s economy. In fact, experience with a disability can help in a job or in starting a business. Today more than ever, businesses need people who can think differently about how to solve problems and get the job done. People with disabilities do this in America’s workplaces every day – and so can you. So set your sights high! Along the way, remember that resources are available to help you seek employment, succeed on the job, and understand your right to be judged on your ability, not disability.

Tell us what you WILL do!
If you are a young person with a disability, we’d like to hear from you!

Please take a moment to share your career aspirations. By doing so, you will help increase employer awareness about the many ways today’s youth plan to be tomorrow’s leaders and will encourage others to dream big!
Tell a Friend!

Shaun Fritts
Our goal for people with Disabilities is to work hard to get jobs for people with disabilities

Carly Premo
I want to become a successful practitioner and teacher.

Blake Varga
I would like to be a parasite doctor. I find parasites very interesting. My favorite show is Monsters Inside Me. I also like acting and singing.

Brittany Rivera
I have short term memory loss ,But,I had worked in two jobs. I was a Retail Sales Associate,And,A Teacher Helper at a daycare/Preschool. But,My dream career is to work in Massage Thearpy.

Yadira Calderon
Thomais and Yadira co-wrote the soon the be published Autism: The Happy Kingdom and Thomais wants to be #Disney 's Princess with #Autism!

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