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When we look at someone, do we see all of who they are?

This is the question that the “Who I Am” PSA was created to address. “Who I Am” features nine real people with disabilities.

Rather than be defined by disability, these individuals are the sum of their many life roles – which includes working in jobs they love.

This online toolkit features a range of integrated materials to help you or your organization support the message of the “Who I Am” PSA.

The discussion guide can be used to facilitate staff training and education efforts around the issues of disability employment and workforce diversity. The posters can be used to create workplace diversity displays or freshen up bulletin boards, waiting areas and break rooms. A Spanish-language poster is also available, as is a Spanish-language version of the PSA.

Nearly one in five Americans has a disability, and not all disabilities are visible. Whether it affects us — or a child, spouse, relative, neighbor or friend — increasing employment for people with disabilities benefits everyone.

The message of “Who I Am” is to remind us to see one another for who we are and what we can contribute.

Click here to access the Spanish version of the “Who I Am” toolkit.

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Vander Cherry is a participant in the Who I Am PSA
Four cast members of the 'Who I Am' PSA
Kate Matelan is a participant in the Who I Am PSA
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Poster showing Ron Drach, a participant in the Who I Am PSA
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