Campaign for Disability Employment (CDE) “What can YOU do?”

Video Contest 2012 Winners Announced

What Can YOU do? Congratulations logoThe Campaign for Disability Employment’s 2012 “What can YOU do?” Video Contest challenged the general public, youth, and employers to produce disability employment awareness videos that reflect the diversity of skills people with disabilities offer, challenge common misconceptions about disability and employment, and reinforce the “What can YOU do?” initiative’s core message that at work, it’s what people CAN do that matters. The CDE’s national “What can YOU do?” initiative reinforces that people with disabilities want to work and that their talents and abilities positively impact businesses both financially and organizationally.

Contest winners were selected in three categories; General Public, Youth and Employer. Judging was based on originality, content, reflection of campaign themes and categories, production value, impact, and accessibility. Three first-place winners — one in each of the General Public, Youth, and Employer categories — will receive an *Apple® iPad®, while two runners-up each will receive $250, courtesy of the US Business Leadership Network (USBLN®). Winning videos will now be used in support of the CDE’s national effort to increase the employment of people with disabilities.

The CDE congratulates the following 2012 “What can YOU do?” Video Contest winners:

  • Adam Dylewski and the American Chemical Society’s Chemists with Disabilities Committee (Washington, DC),
  • Dylan Johanson (Rosendale, NY), and
  • Jake Johnson (Clarence, NY)

The public voted for the top two runner-up videos in the contest. Congratulations to DDSO Employment Plus (Sacramento, CA) and students at the Henry Viscardi School (Albertson, NY) for their submissions. Visit the CDE’s YouTube Channel to view these videos.

Everyone is encouraged to share the following winning videos in support of the CDE’s mission to challenge negative perceptions about disability employment and increase knowledge and understanding of the skills and talents of people with disabilities.

Employer Winner

“Chemists with Disabilities – We all can”

Produced by Adam Dylewski and the American Chemical Society’s Chemists with Disabilities Committee (Washington, DC). Shares the value and talent that chemists with disabilities bring to the workplace and communicates that chemists with disabilities are an under-utilized resource. They are some of the most accomplished and talented scientists and engineers in industry, government, and academia.


General Public Winner

“Challenge Your Assumptions”

Produced by Dylan Johanson (Rosendale, NY). Challenges viewers to question their assumptions about what people with disabilities can do on the job.


Youth Winner

“What WILL You Do?”

Produced by Jake Johnson (Clarence, NY). Communicates that anyone can achieve their goals if they believe they can and that if you work hard, it doesn’t matter what people say; what matters is what you WILL do.


Visit the CDE’s YouTube channel to view more videos, including videos from the 2009 “What can YOU do?” Video Contest.

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