The “Working Works”
PSA Campaign

Working Works. It lets people earn a living and contribute their skills and experience. For some, it may also be about pursuing a passion, taking on new challenges or being part of a team.

Through the voices of several individuals, the “Working Works” PSA explores the many reasons people work, including after injury or illness. The PSA’s four primary cast members include Major League Baseball great Cal Ripken, Jr. and three other individuals who worked with their employers and healthcare professionals to make a plan to stay at or return to work following illness or injury. Their stories emphasize the importance of working together on effective stay-at-work/return-to-work strategies—for the benefit of individuals, families, employers and the nation.

This online toolkit features a range of integrated materials to help you or your organization support the message of the “Working Works” PSA.

  • Download or order a “Working Works” poster
  • Learn more about our cast members
  • Use the “Working Works” Discussion Guide (coming soon!) to plan and lead a discussion about the PSA among workers, healthcare professionals, HR practitioners and others
  • Find resources on implementing effective stay-at-work/return-to-work strategies
  • Download our outreach toolkit which features sample language and social media posts promoting the “Working Works” PSA

Take Action with the “Working Works” PSA Campaign

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