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CDE Announcements

U.S. DOL to Host #MentalHealthAtWork Twitter Chat on May 11

As part of its Mental Health Awareness Month observance, the U.S. Department of Labor will host a Twitter chat on May 11 at 1:00 p.m. ET. This Twitter chat will explore mental health in the workplace context and invite discussion about strategies employers can use to promote a mental health-friendly work culture and support workers with mental health conditions. Employers, employees, mental health advocates and anyone interested in promoting workplace wellbeing are invited to join. To do so, use the hashtag #MentalHealthAtWork.

Campaign for Disability Employment Launches PSA on Workplace Mental Health

The Campaign for Disability Employment (CDE) has launched its latest public education campaign, “Mental Health at Work: What Can I Do?” At the heart of this campaign is a public service announcement (PSA), available in both English and Spanish, that highlights how everyone in a workplace setting—whether a CEO, manager, co-worker or employee with a mental health condition—plays a role in promoting workplace wellbeing. In addition to being distributed nationally to television and radio stations, various versions of the PSA can be downloaded from the web along with a set of “Mental Health at Work: What Can I Do?” companion materials. These include posters, behind-the-scenes video interviews and a workplace mental health guide.

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Back in-person at work? Order a printed version of our “Mental Health at Work: What Can I Do?” poster or print it out and post it on a bulletin board, work breakroom or your workspace and share the message that we all play a role in workplace wellbeing!
Meet actress, comic, writer and public speaker @SantinaMuha! Santina has been a performer at @ucbtny since 2015. She wrote and starred in “Full Picture” and has played a recurring character on Netflix’s “One Day at a Time” and the Hulu series “Dollface.”
Today is Global Accessibility Awareness Day ( #GAAD)! How are you celebrating? Check out the " #Telework & Accessibility Guide" from CDE Supporter @PEATWorks to ensure your digital communications & platforms are accessible for everyone, including people with disabilities! #GAAD2022
Performance management helps workers develop their skills and advance their careers. CDE Member @AskEARN’s new performance management resource gives employers tools to provide valuable feedback so employees with disabilities can advance in their careers.
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