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May 12, 2016– ODEP Announces 2016 NDEAM Theme: #InclusionWorks

The U.S. Department of Labor’s Office of Disability Employment Policy has announced that this year’s National Disability Employment Awareness Month theme will be #InclusionWorks. “By fostering a culture that embraces individual differences, including disabilities, businesses profit by having a wider variety of tools to confront challenges,” said Jennifer Sheehy, deputy assistant secretary of labor for disability employment policy. “Our nation’s most successful companies proudly make inclusion a core value. They know that inclusion works. It works for workers, it works for employers, it works for opportunity, and it works for innovation.” Read the press release.


April 18, 2016– Offers Employment Guide for People with Disabilities, the Federal Government’s website for information on disability programs and services, has developed an online “Guide to Employment” to help job seekers with disabilities learn about job training and employment opportunities in their communities. The guide covers topics such as where to look for a job, how to secure job accommodations, and how local and state organizations can help with the job search process. The guide also assists employers, featuring resources for recruiting and hiring qualified workers with disabilities. Access’s “Guide to Employment.”