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Working Works PSA Video ThumbnailShowing the World That ‘Working Works’
By the CDE Team

This summer, it was lights, camera, action for the Campaign for Disability Employment (CDE) as we embarked on the production of our latest television public service announcement (PSA). As with our previous PSA productions, we had the honor of working with a talented crew and an incredible cast of people who acquired disabilities willing to share their compelling stories to help educate others. The result is ”Working Works,” which we are thrilled to launch today in honor of National Disability Employment Awareness Month.

”Working Works” explores a dimension of disability employment that has the potential to impact all of us at some point in our working lives—return-to-work and stay-at-work strategies. Many of us acquire disabilities later in life, and when these events occur, people are often faced with difficult choices about staying in the workforce.

For the people featured in the “Working Works” PSA, we learn that work is crucial to not just their livelihood but also their identity. It enables them to contribute, deliver for their organizations and provide for their families. Following the onset of their injuries and illnesses, they worked collaboratively with their employers and health-care professionals to either keep working or return to work once ready, for the benefit of themselves, their loved ones, their employers and the nation’s economy.

For example, we meet human resources professional and Army veteran Ish Escobar, cabinet maker Bruce Goebel, and occupational therapist Christine Crawford who works with patients every day on their return-to-work goals. We also meet Chanelle Houston and her company’s CEO, Kevin Beverly, who worked together to facilitate a smooth return to the workplace following Chanelle’s spinal cord injury nine years ago. And, yes, that’s Major League Baseball great Cal Ripken, Jr., who was able to “stay in the game” despite occasional injuries thanks, in part, to his close partnership with his athletic trainer, Richie Bancells—all in record-breaking fashion. You can learn more about these cast members’ stories on our Meet the Cast page.

The “Working Works” PSA will be coming to a television near you in coming months. In the meantime, we invite you to share the online PSA link with your networks far and wide. Just visit our “Working Works” toolkit and click the right-hand icons to share the PSA via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or email. While you’re there, check out the “Working Works” posters that you can download and order by mail. And additional materials are coming soon, including a Discussion Guide and series of video interviews with the cast.

Indeed, “Working Works”—for workers, for employers, for families and for our country. Thank you in advance for joining the CDE movement and sharing this important message.

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