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“I Can” is a PSA that features seven people with disabilities — not actors — at work. Women and men, representing diverse fields from education to the military, show that they CAN and DO make valuable contributions to America’s workplaces every day.

“I Can” is a reminder that at work, it’s what people CAN do that matters and inspires viewers to consider how they can employ the skills and talents of people with disabilities for their organizations.

The “I Can” PSA is a useful tool to start a discussion about the benefits of fostering a work environment that is flexible and open to the talents of all qualified individuals, including those with disabilities.

Use the “I Can” Toolkit Quick Links in the table below to download the PSAs, discussion guides, posters and information about the PSA participants to help you learn what you can do to further the cause of employment for people with disabilities.

        “I Can” Toolkit Quick Links
Screenshot from I Can PSA
Screenshot from Yo Puedo PSA
Michael Saulter
Cover of the Workplace Discussion Guide
Cover of the Youth Discussion Guide
“I Can” PSA “Yo Puedo” PSA Meet the
Discussion Guide
Discussion Guide
View the I Can PSA
Download the I Can PSA
View the Yo Puedo PSA
Download the Yo Puedo PSA
View the Participants View/Download the WorkplaceGuide
Order the Workplace Guide
View/Download the Youth Guide
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