The What Can YOU Do? Poster Series

What can YOU do to advance the employment of people with disabilities? Display these posters! YOU can display the Campaign for Disability Employment’s “What can YOU do?” Poster Series to share the message that at work, it’s what people CAN do that matters! The “What can YOU do?” Poster Series features the “I Can” PSA participants and shares positive messages about disability and employment. Each poster includes a message that speaks to a different audience, including employers/employees, youth, family and educators, people with disabilities, and the general public.

Freshen up bulletin boards in workplaces, training centers, educational institutions, places of worship or anywhere by displaying the “What can YOU do?” Poster Series today! Seven full-size English posters and three Spanish posters are available free of charge. Order one or many. Click here to order printed posters. A PDF of each poster may also be printed or saved directly from this page by clicking on the poster links below. Click here to open one PDF of all seven posters. Questions? Contact