The Campaign for Disability Employment
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What can YOU do?

Work is fundamental to our lives. It means so much more than a paycheck — it offers purpose and the opportunity to lead an independent, self-directed life for all people, including people with disabilities.

People with disabilities have the skills to pursue meaningful careers and play an important role in America’s educational and economic success. In fact, experience with disability can offer a competitive edge when it comes to work. If you are a person with a disability, only you can define your own limitations. High expectations are essential to success. Organizations exist that can help you seek employment, identify the tools you need to be productive on the job, and understand your right to be evaluated on your ability, not disability. Because after all, at work it’s what people can do that matters.

Tell us what YOU can do!
If you are a person with a disability, we’d like to hear from you.

Please take a moment to share information about your job skills and talents. Your story will increase employers’ awareness of the talents and skills that people with disabilities contribute to the workplace and help challenge misconceptions about disability and employment.

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I CAN...

Coal City, IL
Design kitchins & baths meeting ADA requirements (or not); cook a gourmet meal; be a personal shopper, I have great attention to need and detail; color a pictore or read a book wih a child; listen, with compation; mind my own business; publish a newsletter; do general accounting; manage a busines

Jefferson City, MO
I am compueter literate. Good with people. Would like to try and work every other day, up to 4 hours if possible. I am a singer. Wanting to further my education by taking home courses. Would like to substitue teach. I can do alot of things. My mind is always ready, but my body is not....

W. Jack
opelika, AL
Aged 62 white male, HS grad, some college, SSDI reciver. 25 years as computer programmer/analyst. Learn well. Much cutting edge experience. Non-management mid-level. Report to superiors. Above level congruant writer, speaker. Works well with others. Good personality.

Thunderbolt, GA
I can do anything. . .but walk well. . . or stand for more that 30 seconds. I have a Ph.D. in Education, but was refused a position because I couldn't get down on the floor with students. I have many talents but because I have a time gap on my resume, no one calls for an interview. I can - they won't

Buffalo, NY
share information with my local epilepsy support group.